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A Great Tip for Garlic Lovers from a Great Blogger.

I know some of you are total garlic purists who'd never use anything but freshly peeled and minced garlic, and those people won't need this tip.  I do use fresh garlic for any dish where I want that sharp garlic flavor, and love my little garlic chopper when I need to chop a lot quickly.  But for lots of recipes, especially when the garlic is going to be simmered in a sauce, soup, or stew, I like the convenience of pre-peeled garlic cloves, or (gasp) even minced garlic in a jar.  What I don't like is paying too much money for little jars of minced garlic that only last a week or two, so I started making my own pre-minced garlic for the freezer.  Here's how I do it.

I'm a fan of these Christopher Ranch Garlic Cloves, and buy them at Costco where this huge bag is $4.99.  (This product used to come in a jar.)  I can't use this big bag of garlic cloves before they start to go bad in the fridge, so I came up with the idea of mincing the garlic and freezing it.

I minced the garlic in my food processor fitted with the steel blade.  I wanted chunky minced garlic, so I pulsed the machine on and off until I had the texture I wanted.  You could let it go longer for garlic puree.