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A Tale of Two Bloggers—Can You Find Us?

The spread

There are two Utah food bloggers lurking in the blogosphere. And over the weekend, we joined forces over some delicious Thai cuisine and discussed all things blog. One of us thought, "wouldn't it be fun if we posted the same photos and gave clues about the other and have folks figure out who the two Utah bloggers are?"

Indeed. So here's the first clue—the photo. A gem of a restaurant, Thai Garden was the setting for the First Utah Food Blogger Convention. On the menu, red curry with chicken, mushroom and shrimp studded tom yam, and salmon larb (deep fried salmon topped with red onions, cilantro, and spices). Plus, lots of good conversation.

Salmon Larb inspiration

A few other clues:

*Both our blog names consist of two words.
*Both blogs mention Utah in their tagline or synopsis.
*If it weren't for our tech-savvy brother and friends, we wouldn't have such cool banners.
*One is just starting out, while the other is a couple years strong.
*Both blogs link to each other.

So who's my lone Utah partner?

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