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Good Stuff: Charming Beard Coffee, El Recreo


PRODUCT:  Charming Beard Coffee (El Recreo)

Origin:  Beans, are single-origin sourced from Jinotega, in Northern-ish Nicaragua, situated among the country's several natural preserves; Small-batch roasting and packaging done in Salt Lake City, Utah

Flavor: Light roast actually means that - you smell characteristic "coffee" but with that a touch of fruity top notes. Really good expression of cocoa.

How to Best Enjoy:  [prep] Coarser grinds for French press and pour over; would be lovely finer grind in espresso. Would also be gorgeous as an iced coffee. [add-ins] As with other coffees, I never recommend ruining all the effort for good beans with skim milk or flavored creamer. Heavy cream is lovely here. Coconut cream/milk overpowers it. But my favorite is as is, naked,  nada. [sweeteners] Demerera (sugar in the raw) or light brown paired the best; honey lovers avoid clover varieties and try instead w/orange blossom - wow.

Where to Get It: Online here or if sold out, local sources such as Caputo's Market and directly through Charming Beard at Saturday's Artisan Market at Caputo's Market (10am-2pm; check for availability). 

Cool Fact: The company combines the ethos of the charming socialability of SLC Mixers with the backyard, micro-roast passion of La Barba coffee.