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a glutton with brains

Grapefruit Honey Cocktail for a Monday


Around the age of 25, my body lost the ability to heal itself from alcohol-induced merry making. I discovered in college the beauty of human physiology and how one could subject it to so much wear and tear and still be able to function fully and completely the next day.

No more.

Nowadays, my drinking abilites place me firmly within the "cheap date" category. And quite frankly, I'm fine with that.

The bottles of Effen vodka and Plymouth gin last longer in my larder than they do in my friends'. This plodding pace has always meant that I knew what levels of alcohol I had an when I needed to replenish which in turn guaranteed that I never found myself home ona Monday night and without anything to make a cocktail.

I might not drink a lot. But, by God, I need my tipple. Particularly if it's a Monday evening and my whole day has been as hazy as the dreams I had the night before.

The best cocktails, like the food I tend to like, are the simplest. Good booze. Good companions in the glass. This is by no means an earth-shattering revelation in mixology. Instead, it's an homage to fridge foraging and my relatively temperate habits. Pink grapefruits for a while forgotten, but still quite good along with the remainder of limes, some raw honey and a good shot of ice cold vodka permanently housed in my freezer.

It makes sunny days sunnier and supremely shitty Mondays somewhat more bearable.


This doesn't not require heavy machinery. You do not need a knife as intimidating as the one pictured here. A paring knife will do as well as a good old fashioned citrus reamer. This is scarcely a recipe, but more of a good ritual to have when you get home.

Squeeze the juice of 1 to 2 pink grapefruits into 2 short tumblers. Add ice and stir a bit to get the cold seeping into the fresh juice. Add the juice of 1 lime among the two glasses of pink juice. Stir the ice again. Add a shot (or two) of ice cold ... well, anything. I like something clear and distilled as to show off the color. But dark rum was just as lovely as the transparent gin. Ice cold vodka and its viscosity here is welcome, too.

Take a small sugar or stirrer spoon and dip it into some raw honey. Get a good glob on there and then place it into the glass and stir. It seems a futile thing to do. Even dissolution of honey isn't the point. Rather, it's part of the ritual. Stir the cocktail a bit with some strands of honey giving way and sip. Take the spoon and lick a bit off to sweeten the deal. Repeat until drink is finished.

If necessary, make a couple more. If possible, drink with a friend.