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"Man v. Food" Lands in Salt Lake City

The Travel Channel's food adventurer landed pretty close to home recently. Adam Richman apparently made a stop in Zion and mercifully avoided anything have to do with Jell-O and concentrated instead on some more savory and belly-filling offerings.

Local places of interest:

1.) Bruges Waffles & Frites - Can't say I'm a fan of their waffles, but their frites are hands down irresistible. Though from what I understsand, on Adam's menu is The Machine Gun sandwich, a gut-busting spicy merguez lamb sausage slathered with spicy mayo and topped with - you guessed it - frites.

2.) He pits that against Crown Burger's signature Crown Burger. By the sounds of it, it's a double, not a single that he'll sample and compare to the machine gun. Personally, I'd take either one, though the Crown Burger has always been fast and reliable while the Bruges joint tends to take their sweet ass time.

3.) Kobe Sushi - A little known sushi joint in the city's suburbs where they serve something called Hellfire Spicy sushi. The clip above shows what Richman is up against. I'd heard about the tuna topped sushi, but haven't had the balls or the will to drive out there to try it.

Will this compel? Well, like you, I'm gonna have to watch and find out.

Man v. Food: Salt Lake City, UT

Wednesday July 7th at 9:00 E/P on the Travel Channel

See, we've got more food than you think. Just so you know, Richman is barely scratching the surface in terms of what this city has to offer ...