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a glutton with brains

Mangoes for a New Beginning


If I could eat this for breakfast everyday...

Truth be told, I never thought much of July 4th. There were the things we were taught about in school a month before we were let go to our lazy days of scorching heat, family barbecues, and endless nights of popsicles and bicycle rides. But I'll profess a new affinity for Independence Day, because I'm celebrating a bit of my own.

I quit my job. Left the banker's hours in a bland office for a year's worth of dream chasing. What's in store? Beats me. But that's a lot more appealing than the thought of half-assing the rest of my career. I decided on this Office Space inspired moment running through rows of Pinot Noir vines. Buzzed from several glasses of Jeriko Brut and Rosé, it dawned on me through the new summer leaves. A chance to take a break from others' expectations and catch up to my own. To geek out as much as I want to on food and wine. To become a more well-rounded person. And, of course, to attend to dear old blog. Won't be the year to get rich. But it'll be the year where I get to like myself a lot more.




So on this, my morning of Independence, I savor the taste of freedom. One fresh Manila mango, cut into filets the size of my hand, scored and pushed to reveal juicy little cubes, like some surreal little hedgehog. The mango that I picked up the day before at the Mexican market on an impromptu trip. I had a little time on my hands. As you can gather from the picture, it was juicy. And I can tell you the flavor was sweet. But then again, it could've been that new-found indepdence thing.