Vanessa Chang
(A Glutton with Brains)


a glutton with brains

Mid-Afternoon Pick Me Up


A cup of Choffy (Ivory Coast, medium roast) with a big spoonful of light muscovado sugar.

What is Choffy, you ask?

Think of it as a cross between coffee and hot chocolate, which should appeal to caffeine junkies and chocoholics out there. Organic, fair trade cacao beans are roasted and ground in such a way that I can pop spoonfuls into the coffeemaker and in the usual coffee brewing time, get some soothing warmth with cacao vapors.

It isn't sweet or creamy on its own, so I add a scraping of sugar. But it's lovely and nuanced on its own -- a dark brew with enough oopmh to get me through a few more hours with less jitters. I won't quit coffee completely, but my gut thanks me for this choco-substitution.

Plus, the organic cacao beans are roasted, ground and packaged down the highway in a place called Orem, Utah. If anyone knows anything about the city, you know enough to be somewhat surprised, yet not. The city is also home to a fine restaurant, Pizzeria 712 and what I consider the best U.S. artisan chocolate maker, Amano.