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My Current Kitchen Soundtrack: Beirut, "Forks and Knives"

Usually, I like to post what I'm listening to while I'm in the kitchen - cooking, eating, alone, en masse, laughing, being pissed off, etc. In the right column of the page is something called KITCHEN SOUNDTRACK. With all due respect to Mr. Reinhardt, I've always had room on my playlist for Zach Condon and his work in Beirut. And this is one of my favorites, not least of which is because of the song's title.

It's the soundtrack for a slapdash cooking session or a casual meal when the sun is out and you are in the midst of a happy spell. I'm still waiting for someone to create a wonderful song entitled "Three-Pronged Fork," because it's one of my favorite things on earth.

Until then, this will suffice.