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a glutton with brains

The Kitchen TO-DO LIST

Am I the only one compulsively constructing lists? Tasks, ideas, chores, and even recipes take the form of linear configurations with the intention of reminding me to be an productive individual.

It doesn't always work. But going through the motions, however much of a counterproductive time suck they may be, gives me some semblance of control and organization (that was my OCD talking).

The only list that seems to be ever-changing, meaning I actually get through it, is a list of recipes to cook. I recently came across two that reminded me to a.) Spend more time in the kitchen and b.) Savor the flavors of these fleeting summer days.

I figure that this blog keeps me in like-minded company, so I'm sharing these two latest add-ons with any other compulsive list maker. I promise, though, the outcome of accomplishing these are far more rewarding than finally cleaning out your cat's litterbox. I'm putting that one off as long as possible.

Donut Peach Donuts from Mark Bittman's blog

Indonesian Corn Fritters from NY Times' Temporary Vegetarian Column