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This Is Not The Illicit Love Child of an Orange and a Banana


As promised, here are a few images of the fragrant Buddha's Hand. As part of the Menu for Hope, I'm putting up some homemade marmalade. You can read more about the cause here. Simple, I know. But considering the deadlines, shopping, cooking, and partying ahead, I've gotta be level-headed about my abilities.

Your own fingers are tempted to play with the slender citron fingers. Grab it from the base and suddenly, the fruit becomes an appendage, a part of you.


The enticing fragrance makes you want to bite into the fruit. But as I said before, that would be a mistake. Because this pretty thing has no flesh and no juice. Just thick skin. Cook it down. Let it rest in a bottle of vodka. Or candy it to savor with a cup of tea.


But the best part is when you take it home and everyone lays eyes on it. Imaginations run wild. "Did an orange and banana get it on?" "Is that a nuclear-agro experiment gone wrong?" Or simply, as said by my friend's kid, "it looks like an octopus!" Yeah, I think so, too.


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