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"Trendy" Goat


[Photo by Jennifer May for the New York Times]

Goat, a trend? Um, for like millenia in the making.

Thanks to Su and Francis for the heads up on today's New York Times piece in the Food section. The article is entertaining and somewhat enlightening on different cultural considerations of goat -- admittedly goat isn't a mainstream meat for most Americans. But for those Americans who came from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Middle East and Korea, it isn't what we would call "trendy." Food staple is more like it.

Still, it's nice to think I and my foodie friends are ahead of the curve. Trendsetters, if you will. It wasn't that long ago that we all congregated for a goat pot luck [AKA Goat Fest 2009] using some of the freshest and best goat's meat around. But in the words of Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton (or for the geeky ones, Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: TNG), you don't have to take my word for it.

Be sure to check out the comment thread (which grows as we speak). Missing from it is a great rumination from a reader of New York magazine who responded to the rag's article on goat as THE "trendlet" last year. I'l leave you with his parting words ...

"Here are white people again!!!! Acting like they invented goat meat.”

Amen, brother.